Happy People

Hear what our clients have to say about their Functional Wellness experience

I’m delighted to inform you that things are progressing slowly but surely with my weight problems and hormonal balance as I’ve lost just under a stone in weight in under two months and my body fat is now down to 26%!

I’m not feeling too lethargic and irritable when I wake up now either plus my periods are less heavy and painful. I am really pleased with the results thus far.

Megan P

Having struggled with my weight for many years, I finally feel like I have found the answer. After having my hormone levels assessed, I now feel confident with what I am doing and it is working as I am finally losing weight!!

Sally M

Since having my first child, my energy levels had plummeted and I felt very irritable. After going to the doctors and being told nothing was wrong, I sought out an alternative way and found Krystie and Paul. I had never heard of FDN before and to be honest I was a little skeptical. After meeting them, I was put at ease and felt confident in their hands. At this point of my life, while writing this, I have to say, I am feeling great. I wake up in the morning feeling refreshed and I now feel I have the energy to keep up with Jordan (my little one) all day. Thanks Krystie and Paul!

Christine P

In 2006 I decided I was going to turn my life around, having lost my father to ill health. I started exercising on a regular basis and eating healthy. My fitness and health did improve. I lost weight, my muscles toned up and I looked good… from the outside. However in the inside, things told a different story. My blood pressure was through the roof and my doctor wanted to put me on statins for my high cholesterol numbers. By chance, I stumbled across Functional Wellness and Paul and Krystie. They tested my adrenals and ran a number of hormonal tests which identified my stress levels were through the roof, my testosterone level was incredibly low as was my melatonin (no wonder I wasn’t sleeping). Paul and Krystie not only educated me in making better health choices but they also put me on their DRESS protocol. After 8 weeks I returned to the doctor to find my blood pressure was 120/72 and my cholesterol numbers normalised. I now feel great in the knowledge that I am making optimal choices for my health.

Henry N